Ship Building and Repair – Limited-Scope ISO14001 EMS Audit

In 2011, Blackbird completed a limited-scope ISO14001 EMS audit for the operations manager of a large shipbuilding and repair facility on Vancouver Island.  The sections of ISO14001 and the facility’s EMS Manual that were audited included:

  • ISO 14001—Section 4.1 General Requirements
  • ISO 14001—Section 4.2 Environmental Policy
  • ISO 14001—Section 4.3.1 Environmental Aspects
  • ISO 14001—Section 4.3.2 Legal and Other Requirements
  • ISO 14001—Section 4.3.3 Objectives, Targets and Programs

The scope also included a review of the findings of a 2010 internal EMS audit and a 2010 Re-registration audit to determine if corrective actions had occurred.  The activities and operations of the dock operator included operation of heavy-duty cranes, flooding and de-flooding the dry-dock, and mechanical, electrical and building maintenance.  The dock is comprised of three sections, or dock bays, that can be dammed and drained to accommodate various sizes of ships, barges and ferries (vessels).  The property also houses operations and buildings along the north and south sides that are leased to tenants who are involved in vessel maintenance and repair.