Environmental Compliance Audit of First Nation Land-Based Aquaculture Facility

Blackbird EHS Consulting Services Inc. (Blackbird) was retained by a First Nation to perform an environmental compliance audit of a Land-Based Atlantic Salmon Re-circulating Aquaculture Facility located on the First Nation Reserve near the mouth of the Nimpkish River on Vancouver Island.

The objective of the audit was to determine if the facility was operating according to applicable federal and provincial environmental regulations and best management practices.

Environmental topics covered in the audit included:

  • Water Quality (including groundwater)
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Non-hazardous Waste Management
  • Air Quality
  • Emergency Response Planning

The aquaculture components reviewed included:

  • Aquaculture Facility Building
  • Groundwater Wells
  • Water Line and Treatment
  • Oxygen Generation
  • Civil Engineering works (e.g., roads, parking)
  • Other Buildings and Structures (e.g., storage and maintenance office)
  • Back-up Power (diesel generator and fuel system)